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    Diagnostic Evaluations

    We provide diagnostic evaluations for developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and child behavioral concerns.

    Please note that we do not perform psychological or educational testing to diagnose intellectual disabilities or learning disabilities. These evaluations can be accessed through the school system or a psychologist who performs neuropsychological testing. Your child's doctor can refer for this type of testing if needed. Once the testing is complete, our providers can review the results and make recommendations for your child's learning or cognitive needs.


    Please contact your insurance company to ensure that your insurance plan will cover the following tests. If your insurance does not cover a specific test please alert the provider at the time of your visit, as it may affect the way the providers make their diagnosis. If your insurance does not cover these tests and these tests are performed during the visit you will be financially responsible for paying for the tests out of pocket.

    CPT Codes: 96110 (patients under 5 years old), 96127 (patients over 5 years old), 96111 and 96116.